User Directions

Signing In

Properly signing in is of upmost importance. Only use the sign in function of the SWOL tab on the top left or when presented on the SkedPlus or MyTrip page top right. NEVER sign in if you see a random page asking you to. It will not propagate the signed in cookie to the other pages.


The iPad version has a unique user interface. It’s composed of many windows that slide left and right. The top row includes a window to get data. The next one over is your MyTrip, followed by SkedPlus and then weather. The arrow icons on the corners allow you to expand the window to make it bigger and then retract the window back to its original size. The bottom row consists of your flight you have selected and then a data window for things like flow board, METAR’s or other items. Additionally the iPad has a documents section for FOM, SOP, etc as well as the Airports section with door codes, 10-7’s, KCM etc. Sub functions of the areas below are available on the iPad unless noted.

These are the tabs available


The whole idea of this application is to provide you with the data you need quickly and easily to do your job while not in the vicinity of a computer. No longer do you need to have 5 pages open in safari or take forever to dig thru SWOL for what you want. Each function gets you exactly what you need. To make this work, you need to sign in to SWOL at least once a day depending on your schedule. Again, only sign in using the sign in function found on this tab or when presented on the top right of MyTrip or SkedPlus. If you see a random sign in somewhere DO NOT USE IT. Its the only way to propagate down the signed in cookie to the other web pages.

These are the functions available in this tab:

Get Flight

Get Flight gets and stores everything you need to dispatch your flight. Just touch the flight number on the table view to load it in one step. Only flights you are working will show up here, not dead heads, giving line checks, etc. CrewsControl will then load the flight release, flight inquiry page, departure and destination 10-7’s. If for some reason you have internet issues (like DEN), the reload button will be helpful in cases of a data timeout.


Takes you directly to SkedPlus. It always displays the cached version for offline use. Simply hit the reload button top right to see the live view. Selecting a trip will show its detail and you can then decide if you want to make it active in MyTrip by pushing the “Save” button. Use this to reset the auto load trip feature if yours starts to misbehave.


MyTrip has your current trip. It has all the active links you are used to as well as a menu on the top right that lets you easily check in, share, or print you trip. You can also sign in here if you see the sign in button on the top right.


Gets a release for a specific flight if you need one other than what you are working in the list above.


Inquiry page for a flight detailing crews, status, gate etc.


Partner, airport, or aircraft type selectable list of aircraft status and flights they are operating


Open the specified flight in FliteAware.

FAR 117

Your current 117 status.


Flight specific details and a point to add additional information regarding delays.


This is a tool to help load plan your flight and figure out the big questions of what if. Make sure if you use this tool, remember it will auto subtract taxi fuel for you so you don’t need to when entering the fuel amount.


This takes you to the hotel you are staying any today.


Tired of keeping your door codes in a disorganized note pad file? So was I. All the airports are listed by ICAO and name. You can search for any airport we serve by selecting the ICAO or Airport Name button and typing in the search field. If you have a door code saved you will see it on the same line and will show a max of 2 saved codes. Selecting a city takes you to the detail page, allowing you to enter a door code, see the 10-7 page, and enter any additional notes you may want (crew lounge door codes, directions to In and Out, etc). I differentiate the door codes by using a U or D in front. The door codes are crowd sourced via iCloud so you will need an active iCloud account to participate. If you see a code that needs updating, simply select the airport, then update the appropriate code.

Displays 4 current national maps. The first image is a national radar moving map, followed by a current surface chart, and then the jet stream. The last map is current PIREPS for turbulence in the last few hours. If you have an active internet connection it will download the current maps, otherwise it will show you the saved maps. You can tell which one you are looking at by the title at the top. Holding the device sideways gets you a larger picture and the moving national radar map is zoomable.
You can get weather for specific airports by entering them, selecting whether or not you want the TAF, then press “Get Wx.” For multiple airports, just type them in. They will be auto separated with a comma. The D-ATIS button will take you to a page where you can select the airport of interest and get the ATIS if they are participating.

PHONE TAB (iPhone)

List of important numbers. Tapping a number will call it, and if you need to dial and extension like for maintenance control, it will do it for you after a short pause. The complete number is displayed in case you do not want to use your phone to call but want the number


Updates and Documents

List all the documents you have stored on your device, as well as the current update status

Manage Subscription

Manage your subscription to CrewsControl here as well as links to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.

Disable Idle Timer

Does just that so that it will not put the device to sleep while you are using the app

Save Login

Saves you login to SWOL so it can autofill the login screen. Defaults to on.

Auto Load Trips

Scans SkedPlius and tries to automatically load the current trip you are on. May not work well if you are on reserve with many schedule changes.

Share CrewsControl

Allows you to share the link to CrewControl with your fellow pilots

Get Support/Leave Feedback

Lets you send us some feedback on something, and it includes basic data of your phone like what system you are running and if it’s an iPhone or iPad.

Finding Support

If you still have questions or are experiencing another issue please reach out to us using the link found in the app or use the link below.